Get Involved

The Ole Miss Speaker’s Edge has become an annual event for students and alumni. Centered around developing communication competency for various student populations on our campus, it has become a premier gathering of professionals and students. Whether judging or competing, the take-away effect is one of having experienced an exciting journey toward communication excellence. All who have participated with our MBA Speaker’s Edge can attest to the energy and brilliance that radiate in the halls of our historic campus during this two-day event. We hope you will share this experience and encourage others to join us. Listed below is information on how YOU can become a part of this one of a kind, communications experience.

As a Judge

Interested in becoming a 2020 Speaker’s Edge Judge? Click here to fill out a registration form.

As a Sponsor

Sponsorships for Speaker’s Edge are available for the following:

  1. Thursday Judge’s Lunch: $3,000
  2. Thursday Reception: $3,500
  3. Friday Student & Judge Lunch: $3,500
  4. Title Sponsorship: $10,000
  5. Named Sponsor: $250

As a Graduate Student

Graduate students in the Accountancy and MBA programs have the opportunity to participate in the Speaker’s Edge program by enrolling in Accounting 503 or 516or MBA 603. For more information regarding enrollment in the required Speaker’s Edge classes, contact your advisor or JoAnn Edwards (Phone- 662-915-3799, Email: